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Natural Sea Tampons Premium Selection |2pcs| Basic Set

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Special selection of top quality mediterranean sea sponge tampons in a quality craft case

The Set contains:

2 fina silk mediterranean natural sponges

Sized 2"-2.5" and 2.5"-3" ideal for the majority of women, for both light and heavy days

Full instructions for use.

Why use sea natural Sponge Tampons?

  • For their natural antibacterial properties.
  • Very absorbant
  • Naturally friendlier to the body than disposable tampons and pads that contain cancer causing chemicals, such as dioxins and furans.
  • Cheaper in long-term programming that conventional ones. Duration of life more than 6 months.
  • Easilly cleaned with some drops of tea tree oil that is provided..
  • Easilly inserted.
  • Greener than the conventional ones as their production does not enable emissions and their disposal is not damaging for the environment.
  • Easily adapted, as they are flexible and can be manually trimmed.

NOTE: We don't attach strings to our tampons any more

Traditionally used in island communities forcenturies.

Together with your Tampon set, you will receive instructions for use.

If you have any special needs for sizes please inbox us and we will customize the set for you.

  1. Starter Set: Contains 2pcs 1.5”-3”
  2. Small Set: Contains 2pcs 1.5”-2”
  3. Medium Set: Contains 2pcs 2”-3”
  4. Large Set: Contains 2pcs 2.5”-3.5”

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