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Silk fina

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The main feature of this sponge is the sense of velvet created by its delicate texture during the bath. It is ideal for sensitive – dry skins as well as the sensitive skin of babies.

The smaller sizes are used for the application and removal of makeup.

Why use sea natural sponge?

It is the only product known that will not damage your skin or any surface it is used on. When using the natural sea sponge for personal hygiene, the pores of the skin are opened, allowing it to breath and facilitating the blood circulation. Cosmeticians universally agree that silk sponges are the most appropriate for facial and infant care. The natural sea sponge when properly rinsed after every use, will last for years.

Cosmetic use of sponges.

The natural sea sponges are ideal as an applicator cleanser for a variety of facial applications such us:

  • Cleaning and exfoliating to rejuvenate and soften the skin.
  • Massaging to stimulate skin cells and blood circulation.
  • Ideal for application and removal of cosmetics.
  • Excellent for application of facial treatments and moisturiser.

–Brown, their natural colour when brought out from the sea.
-Yellow, after peroxide procession, for aesthetic reasons.

Please do not use chlorine on any type of sponge as it weakens the fibres and diminishes its durability.

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